The Bulawayo Community Gardens - a ZDDT Programme


Visit a Blessing

28 October, 2016 |

Bulawayo – There was much pomp and ceremony at Emganwini’s newly pegged garden, as DAP (Direct Aid Programme), visited the dusty site adjoining a block of housing.


Education Drive in Bulawayo’s Community Gardens Continues

27 November, 2014 |

A recent visit, by one of Zimbabwe’s senior agricultural journalists and magazine publisher, Kari Olivey, boosted the hopes of Bulawayo’s community urban farming sector.


ZDDT’s Exclusive Interview With Bulawayo’s Mayor

12 November, 2014 |

So humble is the Mayor of Bulawayo, Councillor Martin Moyo, that the most senior community father is readily available when contacted by the press and, most importantly, the ratepayers.


Bulawayo's Community Gardens Boost Economic Activity

10 September, 2014 |

By Chris Tabvura, ZDDT Reporter In a move that Bulawayo’s Ward 27’s community described as a worthy investment, ZDDT’s Pumula South facilitated nutritional garden has become primary source of vegetables for local vendors.

Our Partnership with the Sally Foundation


ZDDT/ Sally Foundation Cooking Course Ends on a High Note

15 March, 2017 |

The “train the trainers” concept within the a value-addition cooking programme, a partnership between the Zimbabwe Development and Democracy Trust (ZDDT) and Sally Foundation, aimed at adding value to the trust’s various community gardens in the city, has been completed.


We Did Not Know Anything, But Now We Know – Talita Dlamini

04 March, 2017 |

“We did not know anything, but now we know.” These were the words of Talita Dlamini, 75, of Ward 19 in Old Pumula, when she gave her testimony on the ZDDT/Sally Foundation value-addition cooking programme in which she participated together with other 15 Community Action Team members.


I Did Not Know I could Save Some Food Stuffs without A Fridge - Judith Dube

10 February, 2017 |

The ZDDT/Sally Foundation value-addition cooking programme has left a lasting impression on the participants who said they have learnt a lot.

Zimbabwe News

Joy for a “Value Addition” Cooking Participant

01 February, 2017 |

Sally Masuku, of Bulawayo’s Old Pumula township, a value addition cooking programme participant, is over the moon after clinching a deal to supply her products to a local college.

Stars of Zimbabwe

Stars of Zimbabwe

Stars of Zimbabwe: Helping the Needy Has Always Been Within Me – Yona Mpofu

04 March, 2017 |

“Helping the needy, especially orphans and vulnerable members of the community, has always been within me as the chief orphan myself.”

Stars of Zimbabwe

One on One with the Servant of Bulawayo

23 June, 2014 |

by Chrispen Tabavura, ZDDT Field Correspondent Above: Ald Mabaleka at a ZDDT community graduation ceremony. Bulawayo, Zimbabwe: Describing Israel Mabaleka’s work and service will need almost three months, and that will not do any justice to readers nor Mr. Mabaleka.

Stars of Zimbabwe

“Community Before Self” – Polyana Mahlangu

10 April, 2014 |

By Ntando Sibanda - ZDDT Field Reporter Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Born to a Christian family in Ezimnyama (Matabeleland South), in 1926, Mrs Polyanna Mahlangu grew up with a strong sense of family and service to the community.

Stars of Zimbabwe

Denny Munetsi: Gweru's Outstanding Community Member

03 September, 2012 |

Denny spearheads ZDDT's Urban Greening Initiative, The Local authority Capacity Building Programme, Nutritional Gardens and Cleaning and Anti-Litter Campaigns in Gweru.

ZDDT Appeal: Caring for elderly infirm at Ekuphumuleni Geriatric Nursing Home

BULAWAYO - Named Ekuphumuleni, which in the Ndebele language translates to Place of Peace, this Geriatric Nursing Home does indeed exude an air of tranquillity about it. In fact, it has the usual characteristics one would expect to encounter at such a place. Yet that is where similarities with institutions like it end.

>> For the latest update on this story please see Community comes together to pledge further support for disadvantaged Bulawayo caring home

The remarkable feature, one immediately notices about this home is the attitude of dedication and professionalism with which staff go about their duties which, in many instances, is not at all an easily achievable feat.

As part of its renowned social responsibility endeavours, ZDDT dispatched its Field Correspondent to discover more about the institution; its achievements, challenges and needs, with a view to affording  this Home a chance to be profiled on its website.
Founded twenty five years ago, by concerned citizen and retired nurse, Mrs. Poliana Mahlangu, Ekuphumuleni Geriatric Nursing Home, situated four kilometres north-west of the City Centre along the Old Victoria Falls Road, is properly organised, constituted and registered. Mrs. Mahlangu’s, concern arose from her discovery that most families in the City’s disadvantaged neighbourhoods could not effectively deal with elderly infirm people, hence the establishment of this internationally recognised welfare institution.

Retired teacher, Mrs. Sibusisiwe M. Khumalo who is the Institution’s Chief Administrator, runs a tight ship at the Centre.

The Home’s main interventions revolve around caring for the elderly infirm who, after being discharged from health centres, often land up in situations where they receive little or no attention at all.

It trains geriatric care aides and the community on how to care for the affected people, besides providing home based and day care for the elderly in need of such services. Ekuphumuleni also contributes towards the formulation of policy pertaining to the care of the elderly in Zimbabwe.

In its institutional care programme, the Centre accepts aged patients who may stay for three to six months, while its home  based care initiative ensures that the elderly, in need, are looked after for as long as is necessary. The day care facility at the Home provides physiotherapy and occupational therapy besides allowing the aged to socialise with their peers.


Although it relies heavily upon assistance from well-wishers, Ekuphumuleni seeks to contribute towards meeting its expenses through various income generating initiatives. Patients are expected to pay boarding fees amounting to USD$40.00 a person per month, while relatives are required to provide USD$15.00 worth of groceries for each of their loved ones. It is sad to note however, that even though these figures amount to relatively small sums, most families are unable to raise them, thereby forcing the Home to pick up the tab, since it feels obliged to ensure that no-one is cast out onto the streets.

The Institution does better however, through the sale of produce from its chicken breeding, egg producing and market gardening projects, though income realised is hardly adequate for its needs. During special fund raising days set aside by the authorities for the benefit of the Home, the public is encouraged to assist by giving donations in cash or kind. In this regard there have, in the past, been positive responses by individuals, businesses and charitable organisation to appeals for help. These have come in the form of cash, groceries and other means.

Essential expenses at Ekuphumuleni Geriatric Nursing Home are enormous and can hardly be met by the institution. Under normal circumstances, the Ministry of Social Services would provide an annual grant toward patients’ upkeep, but due to the prevailing adverse national economic situation, such assistance is not forthcoming. The Ministry of Health and Child Welfare provides salaries for the Centre’s 2 State Registered Nurses and 21 nursing assistants, though the administration staff must look to donors for their remuneration needs. Grants from the City of Bulawayo have since ceased due to the aforementioned economic difficulties that have affected every single charitable institution in the Country.

The Home’s needs are many, though priority should be given to the purchase of a new ambulance. The old one gave up the ghost years ago and has not been replaced, with the consequence that an open backed lorry is now used to ferry aged patients to health centres for review of their cases or specialist treatment.

The Centre’s own clinic which receives assistance from medical practitioners, who give their services free of charge, is inadequately stocked with equipment or medicines and is appealing for help that would meet shortfalls in these areas.

Laundry days at Ekuphumuleni pose a serious challenge to staff who are required to hand wash soiled linen because the Home’s two washing machines have broken down. An industrial washing machine will be needed in order for this difficulty to be rectified.

The administration office is in sore need of updated IT equipment and at least one more personal computer, while the kitchen requires a refrigerator, new cupboard, crockery and slip resistant ceramic floor tiles. The tuckshop needs refrigeration equipment and a microwave oven.

In the patients’ wards, sheets, blankets, mattresses, beds and 2 toilet chambers will be needed, while a heavy duty sewing machine is required for the recreational room. Also required is garden and irrigation equipment and the caretaker would need a handyman’s toolkit.

Chief community leader for Ward 8 in the disadvantaged Mzilikazi Township, where the Home is located, is Cllr. Sibanda. He keeps his communication lines with the Centre open and is always willing to facilitate in any charitable interventions relating to Ekuphumuleni.

During an impassioned plea on the Institution’s behalf, Mrs. Khumalo said; “Traditionally, people tend to give scant regard to the needs of the aged. To my staff and me, these patients and indeed all elderly people in need of our services, are very special people. I plead to all well-wishers to open up their hearts and hands in order that this Institution may be able to continue imparting the essential services, for which it has become internationally and locally renowned.”

You could play your part in saving this vital Institution by responding to this appeal, making use of the following contact details:

The Administrator,

Ekuphumuleni Geriatric Nursing Home,
P. O. Box 1667,

Telephone: +263 9 216877. Mobile: +263 772 953 515
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Alternatively: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.