The Menu for My Family Has Completely Changed – Sally Masuku

Sally Masuku

Sally Masuku, a Community Action Team member from Bulawayo’s Ward 19, who participated in five-week ZDDT/Sally Foundation value addition cooking programme, which ended at Entembeni Old People’s Home on February 7 2017, said her family diet has been completely revolutionised.

“The menu for my family has completely changed,” she told ZDDT News.

“This programme has added value to my family; I have achieved so much.”

She went on further to explain that she was taught how to make pickles, various kinds of jams and other related products, which are now enhancing her life.

“I now know how to prepare different kinds of jams and I am so grateful to ZDDT and Sally Foundation who came to teach us such things. I want to thank them very much,” she added.