Bulawayo feeding scheme on course

BULAWAYO – Forty two destitute people in the City, most of whom are affected or infected by HIV/AIDS, may now look to the future with a measure of hope in the knowledge that they are assured at least one balanced meal a day.

This development has been made possible through a supplementary feeding scheme initiated by ZDDT with the support of a European relief agency.

The scheme that initially faced logistical challenges seems set to become a sustainable feature on the City’s humanitarian interventions landscape. It targets residents of all ages who comply with laid down criteria that are neither prejudiced nor partisan in nature.

Beneficiaries hail from a catchment area that comprises Ward1 in the City centre. Incumbent, Cllr. Edward Manning, has taken a keen interest in the feeding’s activities to which he and the ward Community Action Team (CAT) enthusiastically lend their support.

Feeding takes place at a venue previously used by the City Council as an employment exchange for residents. The local authority has kindly made it available to the scheme free of charge. This charitable gesture undoubtedly show-cases Council’s characteristic sense of community responsibility besides explicitly demonstrating the enduring close relationship that Council has maintained with the Trust.