ZDDT helped us in Capacity Building – Gweru Councillor

GWERU – Councillor for Gweru’s Ward 13, Catherine Mhondiwa, has paid tribute to the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT)’s capacity building training, explaining she is now a better leader, courtesy of the trust’s interventions.

Mhondiwa told ZDDT News in the Midlands provincial capital recently that, through working together with ZDDT, she had learnt a lot about leadership.

“ZDDT Workshops have been so useful,” said Mhondiwa, with a contented smile.

“If you are a new councillor, you really do not know where to go. It (ZDDT training) was just something amazing. ZDDT helped us a lot in capacity building on how we can deliver services to our residents, how we can communicate and how we can work with all residents including how to encourage them to pay their rates.”

Mhondiwa, who has been in Council since 2013, chairs the Gweru City Council Finance Committee.

She said, in order to be competent leader, she had learnt to be always be attentive, adding that her followers should always know to where she is taking them.