I Have Learnt a Lot About Mobilising People

NJUBE, BULAWAYO: Ward 25 Community Action Team (CAT) member, Jenea Nyambe, who participated at a recent community mobilisation training workshop said it left her better equipped to do the job.

Drawing participants from across Bulawayo’s wards, the capacity building workshop, held at the Lutheran Church Hall in Njube, was organised by the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT) in partnership with TRACE.

“From this workshop, we learnt a lot,” Nyambe (pictured below) told ZDDT News.

“For example, we learnt how to mobilise people and how to humble ourselves. We have been advised how to use people who connect well with most people in the community.”

She said she had come to understand that a number of strategies are necessary for one to effectively mobilise citizens.

“It is also said: ‘Send a thief to catch a thief.’ We realised that, in some instances, we have been making mistakes as we have been calling for meetings which were not being well attended,” she added.

Nyambe paid tribute to ZDDT and TRACE for seeing the need to capacitate them as community leaders.

CATs perform a vital role supporting their respective councillors in disseminating information, organising meetings and performing the role of the second tier of community leadership.

Above: ZDDT Field Officer, Florah Mutig, addresses CAT members during a training session in Njube recently.