Sandura Primary in Gweru feels the community love

Gweru, Zimbabwe - In an excellent demonstration of community responsibility, residents of ward eight recently embarked on an environmental clean-up and ground makeover exercise at Sandura Primary School, Ascot township. The activities were in preparation for the school’s annual sports day.

Led by the local councillor, Mr. T. Demo, (no pun intended), and his CAT, people from the neighbourhood went about clearing litter, cutting grass and ground marking.

The school’s head and her deputy were among those who participated in the event. A particularly interesting observation was the impatience displayed by the children, who wanted to try out the newly cleared and marked athletics track.

Commenting on this aspect a little later, the headmistress, Mrs Anna Matsamburutsta said:

“It is indeed gratifying to watch the accomplishment of this day. The knowledge that our sports grounds will be ready for the big day is most reassuring and comes as a relief to us. We wish to thank all who have made this possible.”
Tools used in the activities were made available by ZDDT, through its Sebenzela initiative, which is a multi faceted programme, aimed at empowering local communities in the restoration of their neighbourhoods. Making reference to this, Cllr. Demo remarked. “As residents, we extend our deep appreciation to ZDDT for loaning us the tools that were necessary for the work we carried out on this occasion. Their assistance will surely go a long way in improving the quality of life of people in our ward and the city as a whole.”

The Sebenzela initiative is supported by ECEZ, a locally based social interventions organisation.