Gweru community helps fix sewage-pipe

Ward seven comprises the disadvantaged neighbourhood of Mambo Township and a portion of the middle income, Shamrock Park suburb. The incumbent is Cllr. Artwell Matyorauta.

Mr. and Mrs. Rinoona’s home in the Mandaza district of Mambo Township, has over the past two years, been troubled by a sewage-pipe burst on their street, which spilled into their house.

This, needless to say, presented a rather sticky situation (literally), for the family to contend with, besides having to deal with other related inconveniences. Cllr. Matyorauta and his CAT stepped in to provide the appropriate solution. Armed with tools and protective gloves supplied by ZDDT, they got down to work clearing blockages, while the City Council repaired the burst pipe.

In the end it was all smiles as the Rinoonas could safely remove their face-masks and swim-wear. They may now go about their daily business, secure in the knowledge that the prospect of wading through nasty looking and smelling pools in the house and yard is a thing of the past.

Of note may be the fact that the initiative which enables the Trust to supply Councillors and their residents with tools and equipment for restorative work in their neighbourhoods is facilitated by a high profile international support partner.