Men’s Training Hailed

Mens business training

LUVEVE – Bulawayo men, drawn from five nutritional gardens supported by the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT), who recently participated at training on starting and managing small businesses, have hailed the training as an eye-opener.

The two day training, held in Njube and Luveve and the first of its kind targeting at men only, was organised by ZDDT in partnership with Sally Foundation of Australia.

The facilitators were Leonard Mupezani, who covered the theoretical side, and Yvonne Burkhout, who took the trainees through practical lessons.

“We were taught that you do not necessarily need money for you to start a business,” said Jethro Mangena, of Ward 19’s Kirimuva Garden.

“What is important is an idea, a desire and whatever you have at your disposal. I will share this knowledge with my children and those who are my neighbours. From here, I will start my business without any shadow of doubt.”

Mangena said that, if they had started working with ZDDT and Sally Foundation long ago, he was confident they would have gone a long way in life by now.

“Their (ZDDT and Sally Foundation) teaching is not just empty theory, but practical as well. I would like to thank Sally Foundation and ZDDT and may God bless them so they may continue helping us.”

Leonard Mamvura of Emganwini, said the training had been very exciting, adding they learnt so many things from it.

“We learnt how to start small businesses; we were taught that when you start a business it is not always the case that money is needed. What is important above all is commitment and determination,” he said.

“I can now start my own business. What I am now waiting for is to just finish here. After this training, we will sit down and get started as a group. ZDDT and Sally Foundation have come to our rescue because, had it not been for them, we would not have learnt what we now know. We were going to fear opening businesses thinking that it is only for millionaires.”

Reuben Ali, another participant, also appreciated the training adding he was looking forward to starting his business soon.