A Boost for Ward 1

BULAWAYO – Ward 1, which covers the city centre, received a boost when two of its oldies benefited from ZDDT’s monthly Business Social Credit Scheme (BSCS).

The scheme, in which two less privileged members of the community, identified by area councillor, are given US$50 each, is funded by Sally Foundation of Australia and Freight Consultants, a local firm.

The latest beneficiaries who were handed over the donation recently are Pauline Herbst and Nellie Green, both senior citizens over 65.

“I would like to thank ZDDT for the assistance that they are giving to our elderly community,” said area councillor, Mlandu Ncube.

“As Ward 1 Councillor, I am really humbled by this gesture; thank you very much.”

He added that the money will go a long way in cushioning them against the harsh economic conditions currently obtaining in Zimbabwe.

“I am very happy about this donation and I would like to thank you for remembering us,” said Nellie Green.

“You are one of very few people that think of us; may God bless you.”

Pauline Herbst, another beneficiary, also paid tribute to ZDDT and the trust’s development partners for extending a hand to her.