Residents Tidy Cemetery

Athlone cemetery

NORTH END – Over the past weekend, residents from Bulawayo’s Ward 2 teamed-up and tidied up Athlone Cemetery situated in North End, a suburb on the airport road.

ZDDT News visited the burial site and spoke to the clean-up organiser, Dolli Evans, who explained that, as residents, they felt they also have a responsibility to maintain places such as grave yards.

“The reason we organised this clean-up campaign was that we could no longer come to this cemetery; the grass and trees had grown higher than we are!” said Evans.

“People were also being attacked here and it was out of control. Here in this cemetery, everybody has got somebody. Are you happy to see that late person just being thrown?”

She said if all residents stood together and did something for the city, Bulawayo could be a better place.

Evans added that the era of leaving everything to the Council, which is also incapacitated, was over.

Athlone Cemetery