Keep Bulawayo Clean Graces ZDDT Citizens Dialogue

Keep Bulawayo Clean

SMALL CITY HALL– Keep Bulawayo Clean, an organisation that coordinates clean-up activities across the city, recently graced a Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT) Citizens Dialogue held at the Small City Hall.

The organisation’s leader, Tonderai Shoko, who was the guest speaker at the special gathering attended  by councillors and Community Action Team members from Bulawayo’s 29 wards, explained the mandate of Keep Bulawayo Clean.

Shoko said that, in their drive to promote cleanliness in the city, they encourage corporates to adopt streets to clean, adding they have also managed to source gloves and other related material for use during clean-ups.

“The only thing we need from the community is participation; we want every resident of Bulawayo to be an ambassador of the city wherever they go,” said Shoko.

He said they were looking at visiting every ward of the city by year end, promoting cleanliness. Shoko said they were also advocating the recycling of plastic bottles with a view to minimising litter problems.

“We are also appealing to our transporters to also promote the culture of cleanliness; we would like that to be taught in each and every kombi,” said Shoko.

There was also an appeal from participants for the City Council to increase the number of bins in the city centre.

A clean city is a winning city and research tells us that tourists and investors are attracted to a neat and tidy environment.