Curtains on the GRD Champions Tour

BULAWAYO - The Geraldine Roche Drama (GRD) competition champions, Langelitsha Arts, brought their three-month tour of Bulawayo to a halt with yet another breath taking, but educative performance at Emganwini shopping centre on Bulawayo western outskirts.

The GRD competition winners left over 120 onlookers, some of whom had gathered around them, amazed by a very slick combination of dance and drama techniques which captured the audience from the onset.

“I have watched street theatre before but, to be frank, l have never seen such an exciting performance. This l tell you is street theatre at a whole new level” said Kudzai Mamba a local who had also joined the gathering of on-lookers.

As with other performances which they had done in other sprawling townships like Pumula, Sizinda, Nkulumane among others, this street show focused on the various socio-economic ills that are being faced by communities in Bulawayo.

The enthusiastic Langelitsha arts director, Ntando Sibanda, said “as I noticed, there is a universal problem of theft: There is also the issue of drug abuse and the questionable Vuzu parties that have been a debate”.

Mr Sibanda also said that he found drama, especially street theatre, as a useful way to start the conversations about these important issues in a light-hearted way, thus encouraging better dialogue at an intra-community level.

Mandisi Ndlovu, who is an actor in the group, said this affiliation with GRD, has not only revived her love for acting, but has bolstered the skill set of every member in the group though the script writing courses that are hosted by the organisation.

The GRD competition champions will now shift focus to preparation for the Mitambo international festival in Harare where they will be representing Australia.

Mitambo will run from the 8th to the 12th of October and also taking part in the festival will be countries such as South Africa, Bangladesh, and Egypt among others.