ZDDT Shandira Sebenzela: A Zimbabwean success story

At the commencement of the first budget period, in April this year, the Community Action Team (CAT) in Nketa Ward 25, commenced work on an urban garden project locally known as “Esiporweni (By the Railway Line) Garden Allotment”.

( What is Shandira / Sebenzela? )  

Headed by a Councillor, Edward Ndlovu, the work group of forty one, set about clearing and leveling an area of waste land adjoining the main Bulawayo - Plumtree railway line.

This particular Action Team selected this project ahead of Clean Ups around schools and public facilities and chose to commit to a longer term duration.

The idea was born out of consultation with City Council which resulted in the local authority handing over a disused borehole to the community. The pump was installed, fencing donated to secure the plot and Agritex Officers made available their time and expertise.

The area amounts to about thirty by seventy five metres and seven vegetable beds have been allocated to each of the forty one gardeners. They are mostly women who live in nearby houses. With the assistance of Helping Hands, ZDDT was able to donate some vegetable seed to support this proud and enthusiastic initiative.

The project culminated in a celebration and an award ceremony incorporating the tradition of Ilima.

The Trust contributed packets of nutritional food to add to vegetables and mealie-meal provided by the local people. At the event, Certificates of Attendance were handed out, by the Councillor, to members of the work group amidst much jubilation and singing. The women and men present displayed their “work bibs” with the inscription of both Sebenzela iNketa and the ZDDT logo.