ZDDT Motivational workshops continue

BULAWAYO: Motivational Workshops for Community Leaders were held on two consecutive days, by The Zimbabwe Development Trust [ZDDT], at their office, in the Bulawayo city centre, recently.

The Ward 12 Community Action Team[CAT], led by Councillor, Mrs.Thembeni Khosa, attended , Tuesday 24 November 2009, while Mr. Lot Siziba, Councillor for ward 13, and his group, were taken through their strides the following day.   

The Workshops are part of a training programme, designed by the ZDDT, to motivate Residents toward implementation and maintenance of Community Restoration Projects. This is in keeping with the Organisation’s popular Sebenzela/Work For Concept.

By it, local society is encouraged to work with elected Councillors and Community Action Teams [CATS] toward restoration of amenities and infrastructure in their areas.

Making introductory remarks, ZDDT National Development Officer, Mr. Simon Spooner, told participants at the gatherings, that the best leaders are those who guide their followers by being servants to them. ‘As an organisation, we prefer to work with people at grass roots level, through elected Councillors. It is in this manner, that we find our work among local communities to be most effective and gratifying.’ He added.