Clean-up campaign continues to improve Bulawayo's image

Ward 17 (Pumula North, Cllr E Ncube) CAT member, Pauline Booni commended the Trust’s initiatives, saying they have made the residents aware of the dangers that might befall them if they continue with reckless habits of illegal dumping of refuse.

“The Trust’s intervention of pioneering and spearheading cleaning campaigns has helped us a lot. It goes without mentioning that our communities are now relatively clean due to the campaigns and a clean environment is a healthy one. The cleaning campaigns have since made us to realise that, by cleaning our community, we are actually fighting the possible outbreak of diseases such as cholera, which thrive on unclean environments,” she said during a break from her daily cleaning routine.

Since its inception in 2009, ZDDT has been on the forefront of restoring communities partly through clean-up campaigns that, not only seek to curb any possible outbreak of diseases, but also attract investment and the consequent downstream creation of jobs for the vast numbers of unemployed citizens.