Deputy Minister thanks ZDDT

Sesel Zvidzai, the Zimbabwe Deputy Minister of Local Government and Urban Development, writes to ZDDT to congratulate us on the success of our Shandira/Sebenzela program:

"Today, I got a call from Councillor Shiri.

"He is councillor of ward 15 in Mashonaland West, specifically in the Mutorashanga area. He told me of the good work taking place under the Shandira /Sebenzela program.

"He invited me to visit on the 8th when 8 football teams and 4 netball teams will be slogging it out, enjoying and celebrating their successess.

"Unfortunately I had other commitments but I would have liked to have been with them to imprint idelibly the philosophy of people looking after their "now" and their destiny.

"I felt an enjoyable wave run down my spine ... a feeling that we are making a difference through innovation and restoration of peoples dignity... putting their lives back into their hands.

"Thank you so much for the work.

"Democracy is enjoying the nutrients of the Shandira/Sebenzela program!"