Efforts To Empower

Councillor rafamoyo

Bulawayo – In his efforts to empower disadvantaged people in his ward, Councillor Ernest Rafomoyo, has been working to provide skills for the unemployed.

The community leader who was speaking to students, who are soon to graduate, has been striving for ZDDT’s prestigious Councillor of the Year award.

The Councillor has been busy facilitating courses in various disciplines in an effort to reduce unemployment.

In an interview with ZDDT News, Councillor Rafomoyo, said, “I have vowed to work for my ward as a servant leader. I have promised to be their messenger of development, so I must deliver.”

Sihle Nkomo, aged 19, who is also one of the hundreds to be trained at the Councillor’s vocational institute, proudly applauded the community leader.

Councillor Rafamoyo

“I have attended the training in Electrical Engineering, and have been on industrial attachment. I am glad to be one of the beneficiaries of Councillor’s empowerment activities,” she said.

Her sentiments concurred with those of Ericson Gomo who completed a course in Building.

“I would like to pray for the Councillor to extend his gestures to other wards,” he added.

Councillor Rafomoyo is a beneficiary of ZDDT’s Community Servant Leadership Training Programme.