ZDDT Helps Cllr Bring Community Together

Nkulumane – Ward 23 Councillor, Thobani Ncube (above), has said his association with ZDDT, together with the training he received from the trust when he came into office in 2013, helped him bring together a once divided Nkulumane community.

Cllr Ncube, who held a residents meeting on 2 April at Queen Elizabeth Primary School, said he remains grateful to ZDDT which, he said, has positively impacted his leadership qualities.

“What I have tried to do is to bring the people together,” said Cllr Ncube.

“When I came into office, there were big divisions in terms of residents associations. I have now tried to make them understand that working together is the only way to go forward.”

He added that, in executing his leadership duties, he always tries to make sure that there is transparency in everything he does in the community.

“When opportunities arise, they should not be one-sided but should be given to all people. I have tried my best on that. I have also tried to empower different social groups in my ward, especially the youth.”

Above: Ward 23 residents at a meeting with Councillor Ncube.