ZDDT Groomed Me

NKULUMANE – Bulawayo’s Ward 20 Councillor, Earnest Rafamoyo, has said the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT), groomed him to become a community leader in the true sense.

Serving his second term as an elected councillor, Rafamoyo said he remains grateful to ZDDT for the role the trust has played, and continues to play, in his life as a leader.

“I would like to thank and give great appreciation to ZDDT,” Rafamoyo told ZDDT News.

“ZDDT has basically groomed me to become a community leader, through courses, interactions and workshops. I am now proud to say I can listen. I can facilitate development through thick and thin.”

Rafamoyo said that, even during the on-going hardships, with which residents are having to grapple, through ZDDT workshops in which he participated, he can keep on building hope for the people of Zimbabwe to help themselves wherever they can.

“Through ZDDT I have managed to spread the word of volunteering, which is a tool which basically was used by the Americans during their revolution,” said Rafamoyo.

He added: “In as far as Ward 20 is concerned, in as far as volunteering is concerned, we have managed to keep our community clean and every institution spot-on.”