Hillcrest Shopping Centre Gets the Once Over

HILLSIDE – Nearly 60 residents from different suburbs of Bulawayo descended on Hillcrest Shopping Centre for a clean-up campaign organised by the business community in conjunction with the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT).

The exercise, dubbed the “Valentine’s Clean-up,” and held on the February 14, saw participants sweep the area, pick up litter and slash grass.

The person behind the initiative, Rocky Stone, a shopping centre businessman, led from the front as he slashed grass with a brush cutter.

To spruce-up the campaign and stimulate morale, Amazing Stars arts Academy (ASAA), a local drama group, provided entertainment whist delivering a strong message on the need to keep the environment clean.

The ensemble challenged Bulawayo residents to develop and maintain a culture of cleanliness in keeping the environment clean.

Sanelisiwe Sibanda, of Hillside, hailed the exercise as a step in the right direction.

“This clean-up came as a blessing to me because it left our environment looking good,” she said with a smile.

“The drama has also been a blessing to us. We have been taught how to look after our place. Thank you so much ZDDT for coming here. Please do come again.”

Denis Mpofu of Khumalo said: “I came to participate in this clean-up exercise because I subscribe to the idea that our environment should be kept clean. From this drama group, I learnt that litter should not be just thrown all over but must be put in bins and never be burnt.”

Susan Gasela, from the city centre, said she decided to come as well because she wants Bulawayo to be kept clean.

“The drama has taught us to be united regardless of tribe and languages,” she explained.

“We are one Bulawayo and we have to keep our Bulawayo clean. We would also expect Hillside residents to join us for our clean-ups as well. I love ZDDT and that is why I always participate in their activities aimed at keeping Bulawayo clean. I salute ZDDT.”

The clean-up exercise, also supported by the Environmental Management Agency (EMA), was graced by Mayor, Martin Moyo.