Touched by the Plight of Orphans

Dorcas Mpofu

Dorcas Mpofu and the orphaned children

SIDOJIWE FLATS - Despite her limited resources, Dorcas Mpofu is going out of her way to assist orphans and less-privileged children at Sidojiwe Flats in Bulawayo’s industrial site.

Mpofu, also a resident of the dilapidated housing, has, since last year,been helping over 20 needy children with the payment of the Early Childhood Development (ECD) fees, stationery and food handouts.

ZDDT News recently caught up with Mpofu at her residence recently to learn more about the voluntary community work in which she is involved.

“What happened was this: being an orphan myself, I looked around here and realised that there were children who were not going to school,” explained Mpofu.

“I then approached those kids and their guardians. Some orphans are from the child-headed families with parents having since passed away. I then asked the kids and guardians why the children were loitering around while others were at school. They then told me that they did not have money to send their children to school. They told me they were suffering.”

Mpofu said she then resolved to sacrifice the little she had to ensure she helped the children.

The self-employed philanthropist said she pays fees and also buys clothes for the less-privileged kids, adding she would want them to have a better future.

Born in Matopo, Matabeleland South on 23 December 1981, Mpofu did her Grade 1 and 2 in Dandanda, Lupane, where her parents later relocated.

She then came to Luveve, in Bulawayo, where she did grade3 and 4 at Mbizo Primary School while staying with her grandmother who subsequently could not afford her school fees.

“My grandmother had to later send me back to the rural area where I did grade 5 up to 7,” explained Mpofu.

“I then did form 1 and 2 and ended there because my grandmother could no longer afford to pay these fees either.”

She said some of the challenges she faces in her voluntary work include the fact that not everyone likes what she is doing.

“Some people think I have some hidden agendas about these children yet my intention is to uplift their living standards,” she said.

She said she requires more resources in order for her to take the children beyond the ECD level.

Dumisani Ndlovu, one of Sidojiwe Flats residents, hailed Mpofu for the good work she is doing in the community.

“We are so grateful for the work being done by this lady here,” said Ndlovu.

“This lady has her own challenges but is still sacrificing to help children here. I have my son Prince and she pays school fees for him and even gives him food. If I approach her and tell her that I do not have mealie-meal or cooking oil, she gives it to me. I can say as a crippled person, I am dependent on her.”

He urged Mpofu to continue with the good work.

Khangelani Sibanda, another Sidojiwe Flats resident, also commended the work done by Mpofu, describing it as a “wonderful job.”