Over 200 Attend Chamber Feedback

Bulawayo chamber feedback

BULAWAYO SMALL CITY HALL – Over 200 residents, drawn from across Bulawayo’s 29 wards, recently thronged the Small City Hall for a chamber feedback meeting organised by the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT).

ZDDT has since rebranded its monthly Zone Meetings to Chamber Feedback Meetings, to ensure that issues discussed in the chamber are followed up with residents.

The recent meeting, which was characterised by a vibrant engagement and interaction between citizens and their elected councillors, saw residents almost fill the venue.

A number of issues, including the residents’ petition demanding that clinics be opened 24 hours, the road situation and other relevant factors were discussed at length.

The two-way dialogue was an exercise in the expression of a functional democracy at local government level where mutual respect between the elected and the electors, created a positive environment conducive to constructive action.

Chamber feedback