I Learnt a Lot from the Citizens Dialogue

community citizens dialogue

MPOPOMA, BULAWAYO – Elizabeth Mabhena, a Community Action Team (CAT) leader from Bulawayo’s Ward 13, who attended a recent Citizens Dialogue in Mpopoma, has said she learnt a lot at the special meeting.

The Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT) organised the dialogue, which brought together community leaders across Bulawayo in a series of meetings to deliberate issues affecting the city.

“From today’s meeting I learnt that we have to differentiate between Council administration and councillors because some of have been treating these as one and the same,” said Mabhena.

“I now know where to take our concerns and how we ought to work with different stakeholders in the community, including our councillors.”

Mabhena added that it was impossible for councillors know everything happening in their wards.

“However as CAT leaders, we become their eyes. We have to help them in that regard,” she said.