Elderly Receive Cash Donations


ENTUMBANE – Two elderly persons, Emily Ncube (88) and Samuel Ntuli (82), both of Entumbane Township of Bulawayo, have each received $50 cash donations courtesy of the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT)’s Business Social Credit Scheme (BSCS).

The special scheme, funded by Sally Foundation of Australia and a local firm, Freight Consultants, is targeted at less-privileged members of the community.

The two latest beneficiaries were identified by their newly elected councillor, Sinikiwe Mutanda.

Ncube and Ntuli, who could not contain their joy, thanked ZDDT and its development partners for remembering them at a time when so many people are in need in Zimbabwe.

After expressing their gratitude, they each prayed for ZDDT staff members and their councillor who handed over the donation.

“I would like to thank you for what you have just done in my ward helping less-privileged members and I would encourage you to extend the similar help to other wards across the city,” said Councillor Mutanda.

She added that she looked forward to a good working relationship with the trust.

ZDDT invites members of the Bulawayo business community to participate in this corporate social responsibility scheme.