What is ZDDT?

ZDDT is an apolitical, not for profit organisation whose allegiance is to the People of Zimbabwe.

ZDDT currently engages with Councillors, Local Authorities and Residents in Bulawayo, Gweru, Gwanda and Victoria Falls for the good of communities through Community Participation (development democracy).  The Councillor, who has been given the ‘peoples mandate’ by the people, is our ‘gateway’ to the community.  ZDDT projects include:

Community Outreach:  Support and strengthen institutions and structures built at community level.

Councillor/ Local Authority (LA) / Residents relationship:  ZDDT encourages Cllrs to be  effective leaders by working with Residents and involving them in ‘managing’ the community – a participatory and community based management approach.  ZDDT motivates Cllrs and Residents to work effectively with the LA – the LA in turn provides Service Delivery....this is development democracy.  

Training: ZDDT provides Leadership, Service Delivery, Life Skills and Team Building training to Councillors, Local Authorities and Communities.

Nutritional Gardens:  This is capacity building (Team Building and Business and Agro Training). People participation that leads to ownership and tolerance of the differing views and allegiances of the individual.    

Community Restoration: Environmental clean-ups and restoration of social amenities:  Instils a sense of pride and ownership in communities.  

Do you want to get involved or have any queries? Please contact us on 263 (09) 2261403, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and visit us at: