Great Accomplishments are Made Up of Small Deeds

  • Written by: Tafadzwa Mazviba

Images: Ekuphumuleni and Sir Humphrey Gibbs gardens.

In a heart-warming display of building community sustainability, the High Impact initiative launched a year ago by the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT) in partnership with the Sally Foundation, has yielded remarkable results at Ekuphumuleni Geriatric Nursing Home and Sir Humphrey Gibbs institutions.

Recently, the ZDDT team visited both sites to witness first-hand what were the outcomes of the initiative and were thrilled to discover flourishing horticulture gardens that are making a significant difference in the lives of the residents and their staff.

At both Ekuphumuleni and Sir Humphrey Gibbs, the gardens have become a source of pride and sustenance, providing a diverse array of fresh vegetables that contribute to the nutrition and well-being of those under their care.

Mrs. Siphiwe, overseeing Sir Humphrey Gibbs, expressed her delight at the impressive transformation the initiative has brought about. She highlighted that the garden now boasts sixteen varieties of vegetables, ensuring a rich and balanced diet for the eighty students at the institution.

Similarly, Mrs. Nokuthula of Ekuphumuleni shared her excitement about the positive impact of the vegetable garden on the elderly residents they serve. The garden at Ekuphumuleni has enabled them to harvest a variety of produce, such as pumpkins, watermelon and maize, throughout the year, greatly enhancing the quality and variety of meals served.

The success of the High Impact programme lies in its core principle that even a small, specific investment can have a significant effect on the lives of many. By identifying key areas where targeted funding can make a real difference, the initiative aims to improve the welfare and well-being of individuals within the community.