BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe – At 69, retired clothing magnate Eric Rensburg, seems to have escaped many of the ravages that nature usually inflicts upon people of his age. He sports a full-head of hair (albeit white), is a father of 5, and has a razor sharp mind which would be the envy of men or women 40 years his junior. But it is not his well preserved youthfulness that is most impressive in this remarkable man. Rather, it is his exemplary track record in the realm of charitable work.

stars of zimbabwe

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BULAWAYO – Compassion for the underprivileged is the mould in which Bulawayo City Councillors have been cast and are renowned for. Cllr. Manning of Ward One, who displays deep concern for the poor in his neighbourhood, certainly demonstrates this trend.

Councillor Manning

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 BULAWAYO, Zimbabwe - Her name is synonymous with assistance for disadvantaged elderly people, who reside at a cluster of old age and retirement homes situated on the northern perimeter of the City Centre. Anne Van Den Berg, with a dedicated staff of four, has, over the past four years, been providing essential supplementary feeding to these residents, many of whom would be deprived of proper nutrition without this service.

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Nhlonipho Ndlovu has a burning desire to bring about a difference in the lives of less fortunate children and youths.


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