by Chrispen Tabavura, ZDDT Field Correspondent


Above: Ald Mabaleka at a ZDDT community graduation ceremony.

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe: Describing Israel Mabaleka’s work and service will need almost three months, and that will not do any justice to readers nor Mr. Mabaleka.

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By Ntando Sibanda - ZDDT Field Reporter


Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Born to a Christian family in Ezimnyama (Matabeleland South), in 1926, Mrs Polyanna Mahlangu grew up with a strong sense of family and service to the community.

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denny munetsi gweru

Denny spearheads ZDDT's Urban Greening Initiative, The Local authority Capacity Building Programme, Nutritional Gardens and Cleaning and Anti-Litter Campaigns in Gweru.

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Bulawayo, Zimbabwe: The spirit of oneness and giving is an attribute deeply ingrained in the Ndebele culture, and is the stimulant of the, notable and invaluable, assistance that Sandra Gumede continues to extend to her community.

star of zimbabwe gumede

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Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. “Be alert to give service. What counts a great deal in life is what we do for others,” says an old adage. It goes without mentioning that this statement is nothing short of the best description of Borrowdale Brooke Rotarian, Mr Rodney Beadon.

rodney beadon

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