New Fish Pond Takes Shape at Greenfield Community Market Garden

  • Written by: Tafadzwa Masviba

The Greenfield Community Market Garden in Emganwini, in Bulawayo’s sprawling western townships, has reached an advanced stage in the preparation of their fishpond, marking a significant milestone for the community.

The major labour work of digging and shaping of the pond has been successfully completed, signalling the imminent realisation of this innovative project. This addition to the project site is expected to bring about a new economic order, consideration for the utilisation of fish waste for plant nutrition and better access to protein for the community.

The completion of the major labour work in Emganwini represents a significant step forward for the community. The initiative is set to enhance food security and economic sustainability, providing an additional source of nutrition and income for the residents in the surrounding area.

The membership’s commitment to this project reflects a proactive approach towards addressing food security challenges and promoting self-sufficiency within the community.

The successful progress in building the fishpond and the new concept of aquaculture, underscores the dedication to creating a more resilient and prosperous future for all members.