Children benefit from the Business Social Credit Scheme

  • Written by: Tafadzwa Mazviba

Above: Deputy Mayor Mr Ndlovu with Recipents Mrs Kupera and Jordan Kupera.

ZDDT's social investment partner, Sally Foundation, and Chematek Lubricants, a local business in Bulawayo, have collaborated to give back to the people through the Business Social Credit Scheme.

The latest monthly donation occurred at Ward 8 Mzilikazi Housing Office, Bulawayo, and went towards two vulnerable children facing financial challenges.

Edwin Ndlovu, Bulawayo Deputy Mayor and Ward 8 councillor graced the handover event and was accompanied by his Community Action Team, which had conducted the vetting of the recipients.

Cllr Ndlovu commended the programme's efforts in addressing the needs of the community's vulnerable, especially in these difficult economic times.

He emphasised that such gestures provide immediate relief to individuals in dire situations and could mark a turning point in their lives.

Gogo Kupera, the guardian of one of the receivers, expressed her gratitude for the donation. She stated that the money would go a long way towards the upkeep of her grandson, as he was wholly dependent on her, and she was struggling to make ends meet.

The second beneficiary, Gogo Moyo, shared similar sentiments, adding that the money would go towards paying the remaining school fees and purchasing school stationery and books.