Bulawayo Ward 5 Residents benefit from Business Social Credit Scheme

  • Written by: Gary Howes

Above: From left to right. Cllr Nkomo, Tuts, Mr Ncube and Mrs Ncube from Social Welfare Department.

In a continued display of community support, the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust’s (ZDDT) Business Social Credit Scheme extended a lifeline to two vulnerable residents of Ward 5, Bulawayo, during a ceremony held at the councillor’s offices.

Mr. Ncube, a resident of Ward 5, has been facing significant challenges in supporting his family, which includes triplets. His struggling shoe-making business has been unable to generate sufficient income to cover the family’s expenses. The Business Social Credit Scheme, recognising Mr. Ncube’s predicament, decided to provide him with a $50 donation to help boost his business and alleviate some of the financial strain.

Mr. Ncube stated, “I am incredibly thankful for this generous donation. The money will be put to good use in purchasing materials for my business, allowing me to create more shoes and increase my income. This assistance has given me hope and motivation to continue working hard for my family.”

Ms. Nyoni, another resident of Ward 5, has been battling the after-effects of German measles, which left her in need of eye medication. Her financial constraints made it difficult for her to afford the necessary medical care. The Business Social Credit Scheme intervened with a $50 donation to help cover her medical expenses and ensure she received the required treatment. Ms. Nyoni expressed her heartfelt appreciation, “I am deeply grateful for this kind donation. With the money, I can now purchase the necessary eye medication and focus on regaining my health.”

Councillor Nkomo, who presided over the donation ceremony, commended the Business Social Credit Scheme for its unwavering commitment to supporting vulnerable individuals in Bulawayo. “We are extremely grateful for the work ZDDT is doing through the Business Social Credit Scheme. Their efforts have made a tangible difference in the lives of our community members,” said Councillor Nkomo.

Mrs. Ncube from the Social Welfare Department also lauded the initiative, stating, “The Business Social Credit Scheme has become an essential resource for our community. Their dedication to addressing the needs of vulnerable individuals is truly commendable. We are fortunate to have such a valuable partner in our efforts to improve the lives of the people we serve.”

Mr “Tuts” from Chematek Lubricants, one of the sponsors of the donation, expressed his company’s pride in being part of the initiative. “Chematek Lubricants is proud to support the Business Social Credit Scheme and its mission to help vulnerable community members. We hope that our contribution will make a significant difference in the lives of Mr. Ncube and Ms. Nyoni,” said Thando.