A Display of Gardening Prowess

  • Written by: Tafadzwa Mazviba

For the first time, at the recent ZDDT Annual Awards, a unique recognition was bestowed upon individuals for their gardening prowess.

A meticulous survey was conducted in each of the four gardens under the ZDDT umbrella, and a deserving winner was selected in every garden.

The project's funding partners, the Sally Foundation, generously sponsored gardening hampers as rewards for the victors. The recipients were thrilled with this unexpected acknowledgement of their dedication and hard work.

Mr. S Dliwayo from Green Garden, expressed his heartfelt gratitude during at the side-lines of the award ceremony. "I am deeply humbled and grateful for this recognition. Gardening has always been my passion, and to be acknowledged for it at such a prestigious event is truly an honour. I would like to thank the ZDDT organization and the Sally Foundation for this wonderful opportunity. This award will motivate me to continue nurturing our gardens and inspiring others to do the same."