Collective Effort for the Most Vulnerable

  • Written by: Gary Howes

In a continuous gesture of community support, the Business Social Credit Scheme recently made a donation to two vulnerable individuals of Ward 3, Bulawayo.

The handover was attended by Ward 3 Councillor, Mr. Mahlangu, and Mrs. Dube from the City of Bulawayo’s Social Welfare Department demonstrates a collaborative effort to uplift those in need.

The recipients of the donation, Gogo Dube and Gogo Ncube, were visibly touched by the generosity extended to them by the Business Social Credit Scheme with both stating that this gift will undoubtedly make a positive impact by providing much-needed support and assistance during challenging times.

The presence of the Councillor and the Social Welfare Department further highlights the importance of community solidarity and caring for the most vulnerable members of society. Through collective efforts and partnerships, such as use of the Social Welfare Department database, initiatives like the Business Social Credit Scheme are able to reach those in most need and make a tangible difference.