Power-full Steps Towards Self Sustainability

  • Written by: Tafadzwa Mazviba

In another significant development for the Green Gardens Community Market Garden, the successful drilling of their second borehole has now been fully solarised through a payment plan agreement with Foster Irrigation.

This milestone not only marks a crucial step towards sustainability for the garden project but also highlights the commitment of its members towards environmental consciousness and efficiency.

Members of the Green Gardens Community Market Garden expressed their joy and relief at the new development, emphasising that the previous water challenges have now been effectively resolved.

With the installation of an all-weather solar kit to power the borehole, the water supply has become more reliable and consistent.

Mrs Moyo, a garden member, commented that “the increased pressure from the solar-powered system allows for watering in shorter time periods,” optimising irrigation practices within the garden. “Additionally, the ability to water simultaneously without segmenting the garden has streamlined operations and improved overall efficiency.”

Overall, members of the garden are thrilled about this eco-friendly upgrade and look forward to reaping the benefits of their investment in a greener future. Congratulations to Green Gardens Community Market Garden on this fantastic achievement!