Geraldine Roche Arts Academy Students Meet the Founders of the Programme

  • Written by: Tafadzwa Mazviba

Left: Mazwie, GR Academy Administrator, Centre: Mr Mlibazi, Founders High School Deputy Headmaster. Right: Mike Roche, Sally Foundation.

The students of Geraldine Roche Arts Academy (GRAC) were eagerly looking forward to meeting the founder of their programme, Geraldine Roche herself.

However, due to unforeseen circumstances, she could not make the trip.

Fortunately, co-founder and husband Mike Roche was able to take her place and meet with the students.

He was led on a tour of their training facility at Bulawayo Theatre, which included various of the operations such as the stage, backstage, props fabrication room, library and costume room.

During their discussions, the students shared their experiences with the programme and how it has impacted them as young artists. They expressed gratitude for the opportunity to learn and grow in their craft.

Although Geraldine could not be physically present at the meeting, she still participated via video call.

This allowed her to participate in the conversation and interact with the students despite her absence. The students were grateful for her efforts to remain involved in the meeting despite her inability to attend in person.

After his visit to witness the GRAC in action, Mike also visited Founders High School to meet with the schools Deputy Head, Mr Mlibazi, who also is the Inspector of Drama for Bulawayo province school.

During their meeting, they discussed possible drama and film projects that could be made available to talented students who are still in school.

This initiative is aimed at nurturing budding artists by providing them with opportunities to explore their talents in drama and film while still in school.