In a heartwarming development, ZDDT’s Business Social Credit Scheme has welcomed a new partnership with Chematek Lubricants, which has pledged to contribute an additional $50 to the programme each month.

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The Mandlakhe Community Market Garden has been experiencing a steady increase in sales, demonstrating the project’s success and its impact on the beneficiaries.

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In a quest for knowledge and inspiration, members of the Greenfield community garden committee recently embarked on a learning and fact-finding mission to the highly regarded Green Garden Community Market Garden at Sizinda in Bulawayo’s west.

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Geraldine Roche Drama recently commenced its exciting new programme at the Academy of Music, with selected students eager to learn and develop their skills in the field of theatre, film and drama.

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An anonymous individual, an elderly lady, has recently made a generous donation to the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT) market gardens.

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