In an ongoing initiative to empower individuals with agricultural knowledge and skills, ZDDT's Horticultural School has officially commenced operations at Sizinda’s Green Garden in the west of Bulawayo's sprawling townships.

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GRD Arts Academy has recently introduced film production lessons, and the students are eagerly embracing the new challenge.

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Magwegwe, a densely populated township to the north of Bulawayo’s CBD, witnessed an extraordinary event as students from GRD Academy took to the stage for their debut performance at the Anglican Resurrection Church.

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The Geraldine Roche Drama is an initiative that started off as a means to empower youth who were interested in drama in 2018 and has since developed into full-scale theatre, street drama, film production and a new budding arts academy.

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The Greenfield Community Market Garden in Emganwini, in Bulawayo’s sprawling western townships, has reached an advanced stage in the preparation of their fishpond, marking a significant milestone for the community.

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