The ZDDT Train the Trainer programme continues to make significant strides in empowering communities through education and practical skills training.

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In a proactive move to combat food waste and promote sustainability, Mandlake community market garden has recently implemented a new initiative that involves utilizing second-grade vegetables and cabbages to create dried vegetable products.

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In a heart-warming display of building community sustainability, the High Impact initiative launched a year ago by the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT) in partnership with the Sally Foundation, has yielded remarkable results at Ekuphumuleni Geriatric Nursing Home and Sir Humphrey Gibbs institutions.

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The Green Gardens community market garden has made a significant stride towards complete self-sustainability with the successful drilling of their second borehole, fully funded to the tune of US$1,700 by the garden's own profits and savings.

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In a bid to enhance the productivity and sustainability of the Zimbabwe Development Democracy Trust (ZDDT) community market gardens, a comprehensive Train the Trainer programme is fully underway across all sites across Bulawayo.

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